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"Summer Showdown 2" wowed the crowd!!!

Posted by Isaiah Gathings on September 3, 2015 at 5:10 PM Comments comments (1)

On Friday July 31, 2015, the E.F.K. brought the fans another amazing night of fights!  "Summer Showdown 2" brought plenty of action from the first bout, all the way to the main event REMATCH between two of Michigan's top upcoming kickboxing prospects!  

Listed below are the results from this entertaining night of kickboxing action!


Date: July 31, 2015


Location: Warren, MI


Style: Kickboxing


Bout 1: Jared Chauvin defeated Nyck Brown by UD.


Bout 2. Javon Henry defeated Garrett Ross by UD.


Bout 3. Hiram McGee defeated Kyron Scott by Majority Decision.


Bout 4. Devin Sullivan defeated Sabastian Phommorarth by UD.


Bout 5. Dean Caldwell defeated Brion Coles by UD.


Bout 6. Mike Dina defeated Ashley Patterson by UD.


Bout 7. Javon Henry defeated Jared Chauvin by UD.


Bout 8. Pancho Theur defeated RJ Sprague by Split Decision.




- Results complied by Samuel Crawford, Jr.

"Adrenaline" RUSHES the crowd with action packed fights!

Posted by Isaiah Gathings on May 5, 2015 at 8:25 PM Comments comments (0)

On Friday May 1, 2015, the E.F.K. produced a small and strong fight card that wowed the fans!  L

The results from our May 1, 2015 show is listed below.  All results are compiled by Head Judge Samuel Crawford Jr.

1.  Quaron Walker        vs.       Theo King-Poole-Boxing-Quaron defeated Theo via Corner Stoppage in Round 2

2.  Nyck Brown       vs.       Darrin D'Amore-Nyck defeated Darrin via decision after Round 3

3.  Zeal Robichaud       vs.       Chris Kiricovski-Zeal defeated Chris via TKO in Round 1

4.  Evan Carter-Taylor       vs.       Ali Milad-Evan defeated Ali via decision after Round 2

5.  Jalen Henry       vs.      Nick Foxhuber-Jalen defeated Nick via majority decision after Round 2

6.  Javon Henry       vs.       Orondi Henry-Javon defeated Orondi via decision after Round 2

7.  Pancho Theuer        vs.      Mario Aguilar-Pancho defeated Mario via disqualification after Round 2

"Kickboxing Khaos" WOWS the crowd!!!

Posted by Isaiah Gathings on February 25, 2015 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (0)

The show entitled "Kickboxing Khaos" kicked off the E.F.K. 2015 season and gave the fans MORE than just a few surprises!  We saw shocking appearances, brutal knockouts, and even a title defense in the stacked 10 fight line up!  

The results from our February 20, 2015 show is listed below:

1.  Isaiah Gathings Sr.       vs.       Nyck Brown-Isaiah defeated Nyck via unanimous decision

2.  Heather Reinke       vs.       Stephanie Fitzpatrick-Heather defeated Stephanie via majority decision

3.  Chris Kiricovski       vs.       Chris Fitzpatrick-Chris won via TKO in Round 1

4.  Jared Chauvin      vs.       Andrew Le-Jared defeated Andrew via majority decision

5.  Orondi Henry      vs.       Christian Rostitti-Orondi defeated Christian via unanimous decision

6.  Garrett Ross       vs.       Quaron Walker-Garrett defeated Quaron via split decision

7.  Mike Dinaj       vs.      Blaine Kelly-Mike defeated Blaine via KO in Round 1

8.  Jalen Henry       vs.       Jack Kranz-Jalen defeated Jack via KO in Round 1

9.  Isaiah Gathings Jr.      vs.       Stanley Ortolan-Isaiah defeated Stanley via unanimous decision

10.  Pancho Theuer       vs.       R.J. Sprague-Pancho defeated RJ via unanimous decision

Results compiled by Samuel Crawford Jr.

"The King Of Fighters 2" capped off the 2014 season with a BANG!!!

Posted by Isaiah Gathings on November 11, 2014 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (0)

On Friday November 7, 2014, the Elite Federation Of Kickboxers hosted it's final event of the 2014 season entitled "The King Of Fighters 2".  This event featured the 4 Man 205lb tournament, and ALSO played host to "Michigan vs. Ohio" Part 3, which Ohio once again won and now holds a 3-0 record over Michgan!  

This was a fun filled night of great action, and the fighters and fans alike enjoyed some of the best kickboxing fights around!

Listed below are the results from "The King Of Fighters 2" event:

1.  Lashawn Brooks       vs.       Chris Carter-Lashawn defeated Chris via decision

2.  Devon Williamson      vs.       Kellen Williamson-Devon defeated Kellen via decision

3.  Donald Brown       vs.       Anthony Coleman-Donald defeated Anthony via decision

4.  Eli Smith        vs.       Logan Prezzato-Eli defeated Logan via decision

5.  Kaliyah Gathings       vs.      Finnegan Hill-Kaliyah defeated Finnegan via TKO in Round 2

6.  Jairo Perez      vs.       Deontae Blinco-Jairo defeated Deontae via KO in Round 1

7.  Jenna Gannaway      vs.       Franita Gathings-Jenna defeated Franita via Corner Stoppage after Round 2

8.  David Nowland       vs.       Nate Welch-David defeated Nate via decision

9.  Quaron Walker       vs.       Stanley Ortolan-Quaron defeated Stanley via decision

10.  Garrett Ross       vs.     Nyck Brown-Garrett defeated Nyck via decision

11.  Javon Henry       vs.       Michael Wells-Javon defeated Michael via TKO in Round 1

Results compiled by:  Samuel Crawford

"Kickboxing Kings 3" ignited the fans!!!

Posted by Isaiah Gathings on September 10, 2014 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (0)

The Elite Federation Of Kickboxers hosted "Kickboxing Kings 3" on Friday September 5, 2014! 

Fans were treated to an action packed card FULL of exciting matches and stoppages!

The results are listed below:

1.  Lilly Aoude       vs.       Avery Jean Sutter-Lilly defeated Avery via decision

2.  Stanley Ortolan       vs.       Hiram McGee-Stanley defeated Hiram via TKO in Round 2

3.  Kaliyah Gathings       vs.       Yasmeena Aoude-Kaliyah defeated Yasmeena via decision

4.  Devin Sullivan       vs.       Kyron Scott-Devin defeated Kyron via decision

5.  Davontae Kirk       vs.       Taylor Ford-Davontae defeated Taylor via TKO in Round 1

6.  Moe Johnson       vs.       Latrina Aguilar-Moe defeated Latrina via decision

7.  Isaiah Gathings Jr.       Rafael Sterbyci-Isaiah defeated Rafael via decision

8.  Garnett Brooks      vs.       Jonce Trajkovski-Garnett defeated Jonce via decision

9.  George Dunham      vs.       Zach Cutts-George defeated Zack via decision

10.  Kalil Robinson       vs.       Garrett Ross-Kalil defeated Garrett via decision

11.  Kalyn Davies       vs.       Mike Dinaj-Kalyn defeated Mike via TKO in Round 2

12.  Mario Aguilar       vs.       Charles Huffman-Mario defeated Charles via KO in Round 2

Exhibition match-Isaiah Gathings Jr.       vs.       Dominick Sutter

Results compiled by Samuel Crawford Jr.

"Summer Showdown" produced the HOTTEST fights of the year!

Posted by Isaiah Gathings on July 14, 2014 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (0)

The Elite Federation Of Kickboxers promoted the "Summer Showdown" event on Friday July 11, 2014, and it had fans on their feet!  The show boasted 15 amazing fights, including a 4 man 185lb tournament, as well as a title defense of the 145lb title!

The results from "Summer Showdown" are listed below:

Bout 1:  Khalil Robinson vs. Ken Hunt-Khalil defeated Ken via decision

Bout 2:  Isaac Sneed vs. Kalyn Davies-Isaac defeated Kalyn via decision

Bout 3:  Hiram McGee vs. Abdullah Al-Sahli-Hiram defeated Abdullah via decision

Bout 4:  Brenden Stamper vs. Deklyn Bays-Brenden defeated Deklyn via TKO in Round 2

Bout 5:  Rafael Sterbyci vs. Payton Beneteau-Rafael defeated Payton via decision

Bout 6:  Rain Fredricks vs. James Toms-Rain defeated James via decision

Bout 7:  Shaena Cox vs. Emily Cunningham-Shaena defeated Emily via decision

Bout 8:  Eli Smith vs. Abdul Rahman Al-Sahli-Eli defeated Abdul via decision

Bout 9:  Dan Gaffke vs. Darren Harrell-Dan defeated Darren via TKO in Round 2

Bout 10:  Justin Frye vs. Dominic Licheti-Justin defeated Dominic via decision

Bout 11:  Davontae Kirk vs. Justin Marroquin-Davontae defeated Justin via TKO in Round 1

Bout 12:  Bryce Jackson vs. Dale Stamper-Bryce defeated Dale via TKO in Round 2

Bout 13:  Khalil Robinson vs. Isaac Sneed-Khalil defeated Isaac via decision

Bout 14:  Elijah Hannah vs. Orondi Henry-Elijah defeated Orondi via decision

Bout 15:  Brett Sbardella vs. Ryan King-Brett defeated Ryan via TKO in Round 2

Results compiled by Samuel Crawford

"April Annihilation" makes E.F.K. History!!!

Posted by Isaiah Gathings on April 17, 2014 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (0)

The Elite Federation Of Kickboxers April 11, 2014 card entitled "April Annihilation" broke both Michigan's record as well as E.F.K.'s record for the biggest all kickboxing card in history! 

The show boasted 22 fights that night, and despite the large number of fights, the show was well run and moved and flowed extremely smoothly.  Many of the fighters decided their own fate's via KO's and TKO's, however there were many fights that went to the decision as well which left the crowd MORE than satisfied! 

Listed below are the results from our April 11, 2014 show.  The results were compiled by Head Judge Samuel Crawford Jr.

1.  Dale Stamper       vs.       Will Sharp-Dale defeated Will via Decision

2.  Corey Brandt      vs.       Rey Guerrero-Corey defeated Rey via Decision

3.  Jillian Harris       vs.       Nicole Belanger-Jillian defeated Nicole via KO in Round 1

4.  Stanley Ortolan      vs.       Khari Turner-Stanley defeated Khari via Decision After 3 Rounds

5.  Devin Sullivan      vs.       Dante Blinco-Devin defeated Dante via Decision

6.  Avery Arellano       vs.       Rafael Sterbyci-Avery defeated Rafael via Decision

7.  Dominic Licheti      vs.       Samson Moss-Dominic defeated Samson via TKO in Round 2

8.  Tommy Mandell      vs.       Christian Rostiti-Tommy defeated Christian via Decision After 3 Rounds

9.  Joshua Ford       vs.       Brandon Walker-Joshua defeated Brandon via KO in Round 2

10.  Kayln Davies       vs.       Emmett Smith-Kayln defeated Emmett via KO in Round 1

11.  Hector Ortiz      vs.       Richard Baston-Hector defeated Richard via Decision After 3 Rounds

12.  Josh Bezeau       vs.       Alfred Square-Josh defeated Alfred via KO in Round 1

13.  Jared Chauvin       vs.       Darin Kitchen-Jared defeated Darin via TKO in Round 2

14.  Jalen Henry      vs.       Drew Bohn-Jalen defeated Drew via Decision

15.  Mike Dinaj      vs.       Blaine Kelly-Mike defated Blaine via TKO in Round 2

16.  Isaac Sneed        vs.      Rudy Makeupson-Isaac defeated Rudy via Decision

17.  Darius Estell       vs.       Pancho Theuer-Darius defeated Pancho via Decision

18.  Kevin Jackson       vs.       Grant Cashman-Kevin defeated Grant via Decision

19.  Garrett Ross      vs.       Justin Frye-Garrett defeated Justin via Decision

20.  Javon Henry      vs.      Brandon Halstead-Javon defeated Brandon via Decision

21.  Corety Brandt      vs.       Dale Stamper-Corey defeated Dale via Decision

22.  Marc Gentry       vs.       Ryan King-Marc defeated Ryan via Disqualification in Round 1

February Fight Fest makes Kickboxing History!!!

Posted by Isaiah Gathings on February 10, 2014 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (0)

On February 7, 2014, the E.F.K. made kickboxing history.  The Elite Federation Of Kickboxers hosted one of the biggest all kickboxing cards that this state has ever seen!  20 kickboxing fights took place that evening, bringing in fighters from 3 different regions (Michigan, Ohio, Atlanta).  The night was long, however the action made the long evening well worth it!  The combatants were TRULY tested in each and every way that evening, which provided the fans with one of the most exciting nights of fights that the E.F.K. has ever seen!

Listed below is the results from the "February Fight Fest" on February 7, 2014.

1.  Nick "RTC"      vs.       Garrett Ross-Nick defeated Garrett via decision

2.  Kahari Turner       vs.       Deklyn Bays-Kahari defeated Deklyn via decision

3.  Elijah Hannah       vs.       Brian Kurian-Elijah defeated Brian via TKO in Round 1

4.  Logan Adams       vs.       Shaena Cox-Logan defeated Shaena via decision

5.  Pancho Theuer       vs.       Ontavio Turner-Pancho defeated Ontavio via decision

6.  Dean Caldwell       vs.       Rudy Makeupson-Dean defeated Rudy via decision

7.  Isaiah Gathings Jr.       vs.       Devin Sullivan-Isaiah defeated Devin via decision

8.  Dominic Licheti       vs.       Cameron Gyening-Dominic defeated Cameron via decision

9.  Grant Cashman       vs.        Mike Dinaj-Grant defeated Mike via decision

10.  Justin Lancaster       vs.       Chris Foltanski-Justin injured himself warming up...fight was cancelled.

11.  Shaena Cox       vs.       Ashyln Pretzel-Shaena defeated Ashlyn via decision

12.  Avery Avellano        vs.      Nyck Brown-Avery defeated Nyck via decision

13.  Justin Frye       vs.       Rafial Sterbyci-Justin defeated Rafial via decision

14.  Anthony Sagstetter        vs.       Jamel Lockhart-Anthony defeated Jamel via decision

15.  Corey Brandt       vs.       Jared Chauvin-Corey defeated Jared via decision

16.  Solomon Kaine       vs.       Rob McPherson-Solomon defeated Rob via decision

17.  Isaac Sneed       vs.       Kevin Jackson-Isaac defeated Kevin via decision

18.  Chico "Tom Poe"       vs.       Kalyn Davies-Chico defeated Kalyn via decision

19.  Orondi Henry       vs.      Samuel Brown-Orondi defeated Samuel via decision

20.  Elijah Hannah      vs.       Nick "RTC"-Elijah defeated Nick via decision

Kickboxing Kings 2 was a HIT!!!

Posted by Isaiah Gathings on November 7, 2013 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (2)

The Elite Federation Of Kickboxers (E.F.K.) closed the 2013 year out with a bang!  The show entitled "Kickboxing Kings 2" packed the house once again for yet another sold out show!  On November 1, 2013, several fighters from the Micigan and Ohio area showed their kickboxing prowess as they performed in front of a stellar crowd!  The fighters were determined to make sure that the judges didn't have to do very much work, as almost half of the fights ended in stoppage/KO!!!  The E.F.K. also crowned it's first 145lb champion, Elijah Hannah, who won the 4 man tournament!  The night was capped off with an amazing main event that left the crowd breathless, as it gave the fans the best introduction that we have ever witnessed!  

We would like to thank all of the fans, fighters, coaches, and supporters of our organization as this calendar year comes to a close.  You guys have made us what we are today.  Other organizations are ATTEMPTING to pop up around the state, however the E.F.K. was and always will be Michigan's FIRST Kickboxing organization, and we promise to provide more professionalism and action packed fights for the crowd in 2014!

The results from the November 1, 2013 card is listed below.  These results were provided by our chief judge Samuel Crawford Jr.

1.  Samuel Brown       vs.       Carl Jackson-Samuel won via TKO in Round 1

2.  Shareef Robinson       vs.       Joshua Ford-Shareef won via Majority Decision 

3.  Elijah Hannah       vs.       Ezekiel Mills-Elijah won via Split Decision

4.  Khalil Robinson       vs.       Jonathon Allen-Khalil won via TKO in Round 2

5.  Ontavio Turner       vs.       Nicholas Wilson-Ontavio won via Unanimous Decision after 3 Rounds

6.  Ashlyn Pretzel       vs.       Maddie Cooley-Ashlyn won via Unanimous Decision

7.  Darnell White       vs.       Jarod Riggs-Darnell won via TKO in Round 2

8.  Isaac Sneed       vs.       Kalyn Davies-Isaac won via Majority Decision

9.  Garrett Ross       vs.       Dominic Licheti-Garrett won via Unanimous Decision

10.  Rudy Makeupson       vs.       Lashawn Brooks-Rudy won via Unanimous Decision

11.  Landon Simmons       vs.       Marcus Wheeler-Landon won via TKO in Round 2

"The King Of Fighters" delivered just that!!!

Posted by Isaiah Gathings on August 7, 2013 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (0)

The Elite Federation Of Kickboxers continues to provide the best kickboxing action around, evident of the stellar fight card provided on August 2, 2013.  The well built fight card pleased the packed house from beginning to end!  The night began with a 4 man 135lb tournament to decide the first ever 135lb champion of the E.F.K.!  The card continued to run smoothly during the first half, with practically every fight ending by KO!!! The second half had more in store for the fans, as every single fight went to the decision!  Fans definitely got their money's worth with a great card that boasted both knockouts and decision victories, and even two "Fight Of The Night" award recipients!  

Listed below are the result of the August 2, 2013 fight card.

1.  Samuel Brown       vs.       Leon Lusane-Samuel wins via TKO in Round 2

2.  Ontavio Turner       vs.       Pancho Thewer-Ontavio wins via KO in Round 1

3.  Logan Adams       vs.       Shaena Cox-Logan wins via TKO in Round 2

4.  Wajeeg Ghames       vs.       Rain Fredricks-Wajeeg wins via unanimous decision

5.  Samson Moss       vs.       Mike Shrake-Samson wins via TKO in Round 2

6.  Garrett Ross       vs.       Nyck Brown-Garrett wins via TKO in Round 2

7.  Franita Gathings       vs.       Marissa Carson-Franita wins via TKO in Round 2

8.  Isaac Wildermuth       vs.       Volodymyr Boichuk-Isaac wins via unanimous decision

9.  Jonathon Martin       vs.        Cody Waterman-Jonathon wins via unanimous decision

10.  Zach Evans        vs.       Dale Stamper-Zack wins via unanimous decision after Round 3

11.  Malik Gibson       vs.       Jim Vollmer-Malik wins via unanimous decision

12.  Elijah Hannah       vs.       Constantin Constandache-Elijah wins via unanimous decision

13.  Ryan King       vs.       Kevin Jackson-Ryan wins via unanimous decision

14.  Ezekial Mills       vs.       Brandon Halstead-Ezekial wins via split decision


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